Product Quality Test Fixture

Tier-1 Automotive Manufacturer

This product Quality test fixture was designed for a tier-1 automotive customer whose product is an injection-molded highly organic shape.  A new durability test required by their customer called for a controlled force to be exerted in several locations on the product tens of thousands of times while in an environmental chamber being cycled between temperature extremes.  Due to the shape of the product APTUS created a complex custom fixture to hold the product in position throughout the entire quality test without damage.  The project required APTUS to develop and source custom-molded components to avoid any possible cosmetic or functional damage to the product during testing.  APTUS provided the fixture concept, proof-of-concept testing, all design work and documentation for the mechanism.  The fixtures and actuation mechanism were delivered to our customer on an expedited schedule which enabled our customer to meet their challenging customer-imposed deadlines.  From PO to delivery, multiple fixtures were provided in less than 3 weeks.