Product Development

Development with Direction : From Concept to Launch

APTUS DesignWorks provides businesses with the tools, manpower and expertise needed to turn a great product idea into a successful product ready to ship.


The experience to get you to market quickly, affordably and right the first time.
With wide-ranging experience in the design of low to medium-volume functional products, we can move you smoothly from the concept stage to inventory on the shelf. Our experience and refined development processes ensure that your product makes it to market quickly, affordably, and most importantly – right the first time.


Effective communication is a crucial element for all projects.
We use online collaboration tools and frequent face-to-face updates to ensure that we work smoothly with your team either onsite or remotely. Our consistent focus on excellent communication and a positive customer experience will be evident from the first conversation. Listening and fully understanding our client’s needs are the first steps to providing the right solution.

Design for Manufacturing

We'll find the appropriate manufacturing process for your product.
There is an appropriate solution to the challenges of producing a low-volume or moderate-volume product with stable quality and reliable supply. One key is to engineer the product from the beginning with the right manufacturing processes in mind. Designs that fit the supply chain and product demands ensures that our clients get the best balance of development, startup, and production costs.

Keys to a Successful Product Launch

With each new product comes new challenges to overcome.  These basic steps assure that your product hits the market right the first time. APTUS DesignWorks has experience in each stage of this process, and can assist in each and every step as needed.
Phase 1 : Invention
The first phase of any project launch is the simplest, and most important.  This phase is all about defining the product – what it accomplishes, how it works, how you’ll sell it, and the budget needed to get it to market. With this knowledge you’ll be able to determine the product’s viability and any intellectual property you might protect via patent.
Define The Product
What is the product?
What makes it unique?
Define The Market
Who will buy this product?
Can this market provide a return on investment?
Confirm The Function
Does this idea work as intended?
Build a Rough MockupTest the Mockup
Phase 2 : Creation
The creation phase is the where young ideas grow into mature, feasible concepts.  The prototypes start becoming much more accurate, functional, and ergonomic. The product gains its own persona and attitude as your idea comes to life.
Industrial Design – Make your product stand-out, easy to use, and ergonomic.
Mechanical Design – Make your product work well and work consistently.
Manufacturing Design – Industrial and mechanical design in a way that’s complimentary to the appropriate manufacturing process and budget.
Prototype and refine individual components
Prototype and refine the entire assembly
Extensively test and prototype in real world usage and focus groups
Production Prep
Establish a budget and schedule
Design finalization
Identify potential suppliers and begin quoting
Phase 3 : Execution
For many of our clients, this is where the project really begins.  You’ve had a great idea, and brought it to fruition – now it’s time to share it with the world.
Documentation & Sourcing
Create drawings and documentation to ensure you get exactly what you order
Competitive quoting and location of the best suppliers for the product
Provide vendors the drawings and 3D files needed for production
Pilot run testing and certification – Verify that you receive exactly what you order, and functions as expected
Manage shipments, technical questions, and vendor progress during production
Sales & Marketing
Brand & website development
Product packaging development
Marketing images, brochures & sales sheets