About APTUS DesignWorks

Experience the Difference Experience Makes

Our ability to deliver the right solution is why our clients come back time and time again. Over 80% of our projects are initiated by repeat customers.
Team Members

Ben Nibali


Kris Hall

VP of Operations

Aaron Carroll

Principal Engineer

Jerome Tester

Mechanical Designer

Gary Mitchell

Industrial Designer

Josh Cook

Mechanical Designer

Kristo Kukk

Mechanical Designer

Connor Richardson

Electrical Designer

Seanan Burke

Shop Manager

Becca Reznicek

Office Manager

Zac Goldsboro

Mechanical Designer

Siena Rozzelle

Industrial Designer

Facility & Tools

Located near downtown Maryville, Tennessee, our facility was designed and renovated in 2012 specifically to suit our business.

Originally constructed in the 1940’s, the standalone building includes a 2,200 square foot office and conference room area with a prototyping and measurement lab, as well as 1,500 square foot shop for assembly and product testing. An adjoining 3,000 square foot covered secure storage area is available for large equipment or first-article staging during our client’s production start-up phase.All mechanical design is completed using SolidWorks 3D solid modeling software.
The APTUS Way…is the term we use to describe how we approach all projects. It is the thoughtful combination of skilled engineers and designers, effective tools, and efficient project management that delivers maximum effectiveness to our clients.
APTUS provides high quality, high value design services delivered for maximum effect.

High Quality

The quality you should expect.
We are dedicated to finding appropriate solutions. Our highly trained staff & effective internal systems guide the design process without burdening the development. Our dedication to accuracy and discipline creates high-quality results each and every time.

High Value

Learn & effective systems mean more for less.
Our systems and procedures are focused on achieving minimum hourly cost and maximum project progress per man-hour, all while minimizing calendar time.

Maximum Effect

Real-world results, right away.
Our collaborative relationship is flexible, and tailored to fit each clients needs. We focus on our clients goals and implement the engineering, prototyping, and project management skills that provide the maximum effect to their project.

Keys to a Successful Product Launch

With each new product comes new challenges to overcome.  These basic steps assure that your product hits the market right the first time. APTUS DesignWorks has experience in each stage of this process, and can assist in each and every step as needed.
Real-world engineering, with real-world budgets.
Many of the APTUS DesignWorks staff are involved in local motorsports communities and racing clubs. Building vehicles and competing in automotive competitions is yet another way that our designers utilize their skills to solve real world problems. APTUS is proud to sponsor cars in both East Tennessee Region SCCA Solo competition and the Knoxvegas Lowballers in the 24 Hours of Lemons racing series. The 24 Hours of Lemons is a budget racing league and specifically rewards drivers and car builders who find creative and inexpensive solutions to the toughest of problems.

Getting there faster means better customer service.
APTUS is passionate about General Aviation. Some members of the APTUS team have earned their private pilot’s license to enjoy the flexibility, speed, and fun that small airplane travel brings to personal and business life. APTUS selectively uses general aviation to allow more face-to-face meeting opportunities with less total time invested. By flying to a client location instead of driving or flying commercial we cut hours off of the work day, allowing us to provide the personal service our clients deserve while still getting home to our families. This supports the healthy work-life balance required to make our business sustainable long-term.The time saved by traveling more efficiently more than offsets the higher price of air travel compared to driving. To manage overhead costs, we participate in a local cooperative aircraft ownership organization. The business directly supports all pilot training costs through our education reimbursement program.
APTUS DesignWorks Inc. is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and proactively supporting the local community.
Youth Robotics Competition
APTUS is a proud sponsor of the local Blount County Robotics Team as well as the national FIRST Robotics Competition.
Tennessee Inventcon
APTUS was asked to present at the 2018 TNInventcon conference for innovation development.  The primary goals of this convention are to educate inventors and entrepreneurs about the fundamentals of bringing a product to fruition as well as putting them in contact with good local resources.
Science Fairs
APTUS Engineers regularly participate as judges in local and regional science fairs. The photo below shows our entry in the 2009 Carpenter’s Middle School balsawood bridge-building competition. Our involvement served to challenge and inspire the students as they designed their own bridges. The video at the bottom of this page shows the 14.9g bridge failing at just over 100lbs load.