Boat Dash Design


OrrCo, a Maryville, Tennessee based plastics thermoformer and repeat APTUS client, was asked by their customer, Skier’s Choice, to create a new dashboard design for their upcoming 2015 Moomba wakeboard boat.  The dashboard would need to be aesthetically pleasing, match the new design elements of the boat, cost effective to manufacture, and tightly match the footprint and mounting locations on the boat deck itself.  APTUS was hired to accomplish these tasks, and to do so within a tight production timeline.

As an extension of OrrCo, APTUS worked directly with Skier’s Choice to discuss and define the aesthetic goals for the new dash. 3D scans of the previous components were conducted while existing CAD data was pulled in order for 3D design work to begin.  The surface model for the dashboard was created in The Foundry’s Modo software, which allowed for quick creation and adjustment of the complex curved shapes seen on the dashboard.

APTUS also generated photo-realistic 3D images of the dash, which made getting feedback and iterating design changes fast and simple.  Once a design was chosen, APTUS provided OrrCo with all the necessary files needed to create a thermoform mold and go straight into production.